• The motto of West House is we encourage success tactfully. The color of west house is yellow. Yellow means wisdom. It means joy and happiness like the energy of bright sunny day. Yellow color brings clarity and awareness. It clears the mind making it active and alert.

  • PABLO PICASSO, the famous painter said,” There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with their art and intelligence transfer a yellow spot into sun”.

  • The students of West House have proved the words of Pablo Picasso. The students of West House have done this under the keen guidance of their parents and tutors. We all worked together as a team to make the yellow color of the house brighter. West house with its color “yellow” encouraged the students to come forward and face every challenge with team spirit and sportsmanship.

  • Students whether junior or senior, took active participation in all sports activity and came out with flying color, in most of the events. As a result, their performance gave “WEST HOUSE” first position on the Annual Sports day.

  • Archana, Uma, Swati, Surbhi, Anshu, Namrata are golden girls, who bagged maximum medals while among the boys Rehan, Vishal, Shivam, Harsh, Sumit, Himanshu, Shivam Kalra showed their best performance and gained first three position in different events. Swati Singh in the senior girls group, Akriti Singh in the middle girls group, Archana Singh in the junior girls group and Vishal Singhin the middle boys group were declared best athletes.

  • Not only in annual sports but also in Badminton and Cricket, both boys and girls again bagged the first position for the house. They really worked hard to make yellow color brighter. We are very proud of our student’s performance. Now it’s celebration time. House tutors joined students in the presence of our principal, Mr. V. Massey to celebrate their triumphs in various sports activities and promised each other that in coming year they will try to maintain this position. We are also grateful to our house tutors, Ms. Sonal Rajnish, Ms. Noble Kwatra, Mrs. Fraha Naushin, Mrs. Mariam Atique, Mrs. Asha Malhotra and Mr. Johan Raphael, for their support and guidance. Without them it would not have been possible to achieve this position.

According to the famous painter, Vincent Van Gogh,
“How wonderful yellow is It stand for the SUN.”

Mr. Sandeep Wesley
(House Master)
Ms. Sangeeta Srivastava
(House Mistress)