• East is the direction of the sunrise; the very life-force that runs and revives the whole world. Since it gives way to light, it has ‘enlightened’ the world in ways more than one as some of the major philosophical stream and thought processes originated here. (As streams are supposed to flow continuously, for it is in their uninterrupted flow that they enrich themselves as well as the rest of the living world. Thus, the light shown by the east has always illuminated and nurtured ‘one and all’.)

  • As the East believes in ‘all and every’ it has welcomed everyone not just with open arms but with folded hands as well. If it has embraced traditional themes, it is this ‘holistic’ approach that the East House embodies and reflects in all its pursuits. Education thus is viewed as an all-round hearing and development something that extends beyond confines of classroom, books or even a defined syllabus. (Confines)

  • The East House lives up to this guiding principle, especially in the realm of sports. This year the senior boys won the Inter House Cricket Tournament. Even girls were not far behind and achieved the 3rd place in cricket and also won the Junior Badminton Tournament. We wish the House take this legacy to the next higher level.

Mr. Virendra Verma
(House Master)
Ms. Mudita Singh
(House Mistress)