Devprayag School and College - Dedicated to the cause of Education

Devprayag was the dream of our chairman Dr. S. K. Rastogi and founder Principal the great visionary Late Gilbert Bose. Since it was established in 2003, Devprayag School & College has made remarkable progress in the field of education as well as sports. Under the dynamic leadership of experienced principals like Late Mr. Gilbert Bose, Mr. John David and Mr. V. Massey. We at Devprayag School & College have made great efforts to transform ourselves in every phase and have been extremely successful in most of our endeavors. Apart from preparing the children to qualify for purely academic demands, special efforts are being made continuously to enable them to face the challenges of the competitive world. It is a matter of great importance to us that the students who pass out from our portals should carry forward the values they have inherited, excel in whatever they do and be role models in the society.

We are proud to report that by the grace of God we have successfully sent out seven batches of ICSE and ISC so far. Our previous batch of 2013-14 our students brought laurels to the school in securing 100% results at the ICSE level with more than 85% first class. This was made possible by the consistent effort of the dedicated staff of the college. This year ie. 2014-15 too our ICSE topper obtained 95% breaking all records of the previous years.

Apart from academics, a host of co-curricular activities are organized every year. Students are encouraged to participate in activities like the Elocution Contest, Debate, Quiz Contests, Carom, Chess, Swimming, Football, Cricket etc. The school takes initiative to get the best in every child.

In the nutshell, Devprayag encourages a child to observe, to confront problems and find solutions & finally to develop the skills essential to face the future. All of this has been achieved in a very short span of 10 years with the help & support of an able management at the helm of affairs especially our chairman Dr. S.K. Rastogi for whose guidance & encouragement we remain indebted.

Our mission statement: Devprayag School & College focuses in addition to the academic development, on the total growth of developing child, touching the hearts as well as the minds and encompassing their social, physical, cultural and emotional needs.

The profile of Devprayag students involves thinkers who take initiative in applying thinking skills making reasoned and ethical decisions; Inquirers who develop natural curiosity, conducting inquiry & research, exhibiting independence in learning; Students are receptive to values, traditions of other individuals and communities. Excellent communicators who are ready to collaborate with others & express ideas & information willingly. They are principled in having a fair sense of justice.

The driving force behind Devprayag School & College is a deeply held philosophy to develop the talents of each child & teach them to relate the experience of the classroom to the realities of the outside world. Strong emphasis is laid on ideals of social responsibility and understanding so that the student may become critical & compassionate thinker; lifelong learner; well informed in local and world affairs, conscious of the shared humanity showing respect for the diversified cultures that enrich our lives.

Mr. John Jacob