Devprayag is an ICSE co-educational institution, having hostel facilities for girls and boys. It is a modern multiple storey building with staff residences. Children stay on the ground and first floor with their respective wardens attached to the hostel. The hostel has a very congenial atmosphere for the mental and physical development of the students. Each floor has a lounge with T.V. and music system to help them relax. Children have all their meals in the dinning room. Which is very clean and hygiene. They have purified water system too.

A P.T.I. and a swimming coach stay on the campus, So that boarders can play or swim in their weekends or holiday under their watchful eye.

• A requisite form is given to the parents. Telling them what would be needed by the boarder. They should mark each item with his/her name with ink marker.
• Also to inform the Principal and warden in case the child has some health problem, or is unable to take part in physical education or sports activity.
• There is an infirmary, which deals with small first aid crises. But in an emergency the student are taken to a doctor and parents informed well in advance.
• The rooms are big and airy. Each child has a separate cupboard, table and a chair. A separate bed with mattress is provided by school. The bathrooms on all the floors have geyser and aquaguard water purifier. All the rooms have coolers for summers.
• Laundry of the students is taken care in a proper manner. Each day they get fresh clothes to wear. Also a barbar comes for hair cut and grooming.
• All boarders have tutorials in Maths and Science subjects in the campus. Middle and juniors boarders are helped in English and in subjects they are weak.
• Every three months all the boarders are taken for an outing to a historical place or a Mall, where they enjoy their day.
• Incase parents want to give pocket money to their children, they can deposit it with the warden, who will give it on a weekly or monthly basis as instructed by parents after taking their signature for the same.
• We have an excellent security on the campus with guards staying 24 hours, they are posted on very vulnerable points. Hostels have CCTV cameras installed too. Proper procedure in followed for issuing out passes and allowing visitors the hostel.
• Parents / Guardians may visit their ward on Sunday & Holidays after prior information to the warden of their visit