If one
confidently in the
direction of his dreams and
endevours to live the life which he
has imagined, he will meet success in
unexpected common hours.

Henry David Thove all

Devprayag’s Hostel stands proud on the lush green ground in the suburbs of Allahabad given it a healthy took and a healthy environment to live in Boys and Girls live in perfect harmony a disciplined manner in a place called “home away from home” Here they live as a family learning together how to give and share.
We have children ranging from – years to filteen years. It is a pleasure to see them live, eat, play and study together amiably under one roof as one family Great to see them stsand by each with immense love, through trying lives. The hostel provides a host of facilities a ……….dern home can render to its in mates. Dormitory is well ventilated and divided into senior and juniors for better management. The dorm is equipped with a fabulous recreation room with good indoor games facilities. Children are encouraged to read a variety of books, magazines and journals so as to improve their written and spoken English.
The dorms are quipped with compact beds with good storage space. Well kept and hygienic toilets with fitted wash basins. Water cookers fitted with bacterise free aqaguard fittings that provide refreshingly cold drinking water and 2a hour hot / cold water for boths etc. Keeping in mind the existing power-out problems that Prayagraj face, the school has provided the kids with cookers along with a generator as a back up
The hostel is in complete with the provision of a good and loving hand of a warden. The children are very well looked after by the warden, Mr. Keith Robinson who takes care of all their problems. He is the only one between them and their desires. The warden has a very important role is play in the lives of the boarders. He has to keep a very keen eye on the performance of each child. Their achievement in various fields speaks for themselves. Developmet is very visible and can be seen in their academic results. The warden spends a lot of precious moments with the boarders training and teaching then how to grow up real gentlemen and how to walk the road of life.
The hostel has a specious, airy and very inviting Dining Hall equipped with warden fittings. Food is tasty and above all healthy. The children are allowed to eat as much as they want, provided in the menu. The warden knows exactly when the kids need a change in the air and he brings. Thm into town and lets them have their fill of enjoyment teaching them how to move with people from different walks of life.
By the end of the day everyone thanks god fro being with them and help story together as a unit.

Mr. Keith Robinson
Sr. Warden (Boys)
Ms. Swati Singh
Se. Warden (Girls)