Particulars Class I to II Class III to V Class VI to VIII Class IX to XII Remarks
Admission Fee 15000 15000 15000 15000 One Time, Non-Refundable
Diary & Magazine / ID Card 400 400 400 400 One Time, Refundable
Total 15400 15400 15400 15400 Once in a year

Classes Boarding & Lodging Fees Tuition Fees Mess fees Monthly
I to V 5000 3000 4000 12,000.00
VI to XII 5000 3500 4500 13,000.00

Please follow these instructions:-

1. Tuition fee will be charged for 12 months in the year; in 4 installments (quarterly). Payable in April, July, October and January of the academic year. The amount mentioned at the time of admission will be charged along with the 1st quarter fee, payable at the school office.
2. Bank will accept fee only in cash. Fees for Classes 3 to 12 will be paid at the Bank Counter at Bank of Baroda, Opp. Vineeta Hospital, Phaphamau, Allahabad during Banking hours, and before Last Date for Payment for each term i.e. 15th of April, 15th of October and 15th of January of the academic year respectively at Bank Counter.
3. After the Last Date for Payment at Bank Counter, Fee will be paid in cash at the Counter at Devprayag School, Accounts Office along with a Late fee of Rs. 500/-.
4. Kindly read the detailed instructions about the fee in the Fee book (provided at the time of admission). If you have any doubt please consult the Accounts Office.
5. Fee once paid is not refundable (except for *security deposit – which will be refunded as per rules given in the fee book). Fee is subject to revision.
6. In case of withdrawals one months notice is to be given.