The Boy’s Hostel has an approximate capacity of 120 seats. Admission is done on the basis of “first –cum- first – served”.

Presently the hostel is managed by three personnel drawn respectively from one of the reputed (Central Govt.) Public Schools, from Army Education Core and from an important industrial organization.

There is a hierarchical arrangement in their respective designations viz. Senior Warden, Warden and Asst. Warden. Primarily each one remains responsible for his respective floor of the hostel in matters of discipline. But there is no watertight compartment in the working spheres. On the whole, it is a joint venture in working and hostel management, with a certain degree of dentralization of works.

For the guidance and regulatory arrangement, the hostel inmates and their parents/guardians/ local guardians should be aware of the following working system and regulation of the hostel.

  • The hostel follows a well – structured daily routine for the school days and holidays to inculcate in each boy a right kind of habit formation and systematic style of living.
  • The hostel provides to each inmate one wooden bed (Dewan type) and one mattress with a pillow. To keep one’s belongings etc. a cupboard of suitable dimensions is also provided with the looking arrangement.
  • The hostel facilities are as per norms of other good boarding schools of the country.
  • For winter months there is an arrangement of hot water supply. During summers boys enjoy shower bath etc.
  • Each boy required to bring all the items of kit as per list provided before seeking admission. Each kit item should invariably bear the name of the boy as laid down in the kit list.
  • The boys are required to live in the hostel observing good discipline, as is expected of leading a decent community life. Bullying, beating, ragging, squabbling, intimidation and harassment etc. in any form are undesirable conducts. Any one reported about or found to be indulging in any form of delinquency is expelled from the hostel.
  • No damage to hostel property, including all the fitting s and fixtures, will be tolerated. There exists a system of “Community fine realization” for such damages done secretly/ openly in any part of school/ hostel dormitories. The individuals caught doing any such damages as above anywhere in the school will have to pay the fine and a warning letter will be sent to parents.
  • Those found flouting hostel rules would be checked and counseled. But deliberate and persistent omissions will be viewed seriously.
  • Self- study time, studies in the organized tutorials should be seriously adhered to by all and sundry as per schedule laid from time to time.
  • No boy will break bounds.
  • Stealing or deliberately taking away any one’s belongings will be considered an offence and breach of discipline.
  • Each student should bring only the prescribed items of clothing and also other items of kit.
  • Costly items such as jewellery, fancy wrist watches, translator of any type, cameras, I.Pods or mobile phones etc. should not be
  • Brought and used. Disciplinary action will be taken against any one flouting the laid down rules.
  • Army style of haircut is prescribed for each boy.
  • Each boy is required to play one or the other game during the time allotted for the same. Entertainment as provided should be attended by all for the sake of diversion.
  • Surprise “roll calls” may be conducted to ensure the presence of each boy within the school/ hostel premises.
  • Each boy must develop a habit of responding to the call bells whenever they are rung for any purpose.
  • Extra care is taken for the development of everyone’s personality. For this purpose meaningful activities are organized during holidays, in which each boy is supposed to participate.
  • (20) The parents should try to contact their wards on phones during the prescribed time between 6: 00pm and 9:30pm.
  • No student is allowed to make any outgoing telephone call. In case any urgent message is to be conveyed to the parents, the wardens may do so as per exigency of the child’s needs.
  • The first-aid facility is available in the school infirmary. But for any major illness or injury the students are referred to nearby hospitals/ nursing homes. All the expenses incurred in the treatment will have to be borne by the parents. As such, parents are advised to deposit sufficient pocket money in their ward (s)’ account maintained by the warden.
  • No boy will be allowed to leave the hostel without the issuance of “Exit Slip” duly signed by the warden or any other person working in his place. Those who leave the hostel for good should hand over all items issued to them. If nay item is outstanding recovery will be made either from pocket money or caution money.
  • Frequent leave and weekend outings are discouraged. Parents/ guardians/ authorized local guardians are allowed to meet their wards between 4:00pm and 6:00pm.
  • Though every precaution is taken that no boy runs away from the hostel, yet at times some cases do happen in the case of “homesick” boys. As such, the school/ hostel management staff bears no responsibility for those boys, who run away stealthily. An “FIR’ will be lodged and parents will be informed about such a happening. Such “runaway” children will not be re-admitted into the hostel on being found out. No damages will be paid what – so – ever if the boy is not found out.
  • During winter and summer vacations as also during mid-term breaks the boys will have to vacate the hostel. If the parents/ local guardians fail to escort or take back their wards, they may authorized in writing for them to travel on their own from classes 9 to 12 in a Declaration Form. Up to class 8 each boy should be taken back from the hostel by the parents/ local guardians or nay other authorized person. In case the above people fail to take back any child by reaching on time the child/children will be sent home escorted by the school officials. All the expenses of such escorting arrangements will have to be borne, to & fro, by the parents themselves.
  • Though every care is taken that there are no losses during the “Dhobi wash”. Yet inadvertent cases of any loss will have to be tolerated and no claim for payment of losses will be admissible.
  • The dinning arrangement is modern and adequate as per the yardstick. The fresh vegetables are to be served as per their availability in the local markets. Individual tastes are not catered to. The complaints, if any, regarding food has to be lodged with Mess Contractor or his/ her representative. The same can be discussed in the “Mess Committee” meetings held from time to time attended by the Mess Contractor or his/ her representative. The Contractor has to serve the meals as per the menu prescribed. Every hostel inmate should try to develop a taste for all the items of food, which are almost on par with other good boarding / day boarding schools. For certain menus only food as per the laid down yardstick will be served. Mess contractor is solely responsible for all the meals served to hostel bys. In case of any miss-happening the mess Contractor will entirely be held responsible for jurisprudential proceedings. School officials including hostel wardens will bear responsibility what-so – ever.
  • All the boys should report about any of their problems or sickness immediately to the wardens concerned so that remedial measures can be taken. Parents are also advised not to hide the chronic ailment of their wards/ ward. It will be in their own interest not to admit any child in the hostel, who I suffering from any chronic disease or allergy etc.
  • The hostel organizes one/ two supervised outings every month for all the inmates. No one is allowed to stay back. Those who go for outings must report to the allotted place for return trip.
  • No boy is allowed to refrain from going to school and stay back in the hostel. In case of medical grounds the child shall have to be given medical aid from the “Infirmary” or may be taken to hospital for treatment.
  • The dormitories remain locked when the boys are engaged in the school studies, self study, evening games, entertainments or outings etc.
  • Every care is taken that all the children speak in English, which is the school language. For this purpose they are motivated also. On Saturdays, Sundays or other holidays effort is made to organize debates, declamations, group discussion, quizzes, singing competition etc. under the guidance of the Wardens so that all the inmates of hostel get rid of the stage fright.
  • Parents should meet their wards in the office of the Warden or a place meant for their purpose. They should not sleep in the dormitories along with their wards during nights or sleep alone during the day. They should make their own arrangement of stay in any lodge, guest house or hotel.
  • Hosteller should report to the dormitories after the school hours. Any visit to the hostel during school hours is prohibited unless, it is very essential.
  • The hostel inmates should not bring non-hostellers inside the dormitories. Unauthorized entries of non-hosteller are banned.
  • Any boy found smoking drinking; using “Gutkas” or any kind of drugs and intoxicants will be expelled from the hostel immediately, by calling the parents or under escort.
  • Use of incident or abusive language for any one and nicknaming someone are punishable offences and breach of discipline. Similarly cutting filthy jokes or sarcastic remarks for nay one will call for severe punishment.
  • Decency and decorum should be observed in every sphere of hostel/school life.
  • To develop the qualities of leadership “Prefectural System” is followed. The prefects, who are normally the senior boys, should be respected and obeyed. But at the same time it is obligatory on the part of prefects to command respect and not to demand it. They should not inflict any corporal punishment on any boy in or out of the hostel. If no senior boy is found suitable, this system may not operate. Any one nominated as a prefect and later on found incapable will be dropped.
  • The hostel helpers and dining hall workers are class IV employees. They should be addressed properly and should never be maltreated by any hostel inmate.
  • Gossip mongering and idling away one’s time by going from one dormitory to another is strictly prohibited.
  • To avoid thefts, no edibles etc. should be kept inside the cupboards. Parents should avoid too much “tuck” for their wards and also gifting costly items.
  • Before going to school and on return to the hostel surprise checks of school bags may be done. Any undesirable item found during the search will be confiscated and the matter will be reported for taking action against the defaulter.
  • Any boy on being detected that he unable to adjust himself to the hostel life will have vacate the hostel and parents / local guardians will be asked to take him back. Cases of chronic ailments will not be allowed to live in the hostel.
  • Each boy should keep his belongings at right place meant for the same. Dirty bits of paper, toffee wrappers and any other garbage etc. Should be dropped into the garbage bin.
  • For a healthy life “sleep” is most essential. No boy should try to wake up during nights, after the allotted time is over. If anyone continues to defy the regulations, he will not be allowed to stay in the hostel.
  • Playing of “cards” is not allowed. No one is allowed to bring them to the hostel in any form. Similarly any game that amounts to gambling must not be played.
  • Furtive sexual behavior is unethical and brings a bad name. Any boy suspected to be indulging in such an act or found to be “indulgent” will be expelled.
  • Everyone is expected to lead a perfectly harmonious life. Each hosteller should adhere to the instructions given from time to time. The parents and boys should follow the above instruction-cum- regulations for the smooth running of hostel.