• The color blue symbolizes North House and blue stand for prosperity and progress. The color blue carries a message of hope and positive thinking and with this in mind; students of North House were determined to succeed.

  • “Success often comes to those who dare, to seldom goes to the timid, who are afraid of the consequences.”

  • The academic session 2011-2012 was a year of all round excellence for the North House. It brought new challenges and responsibilities. Under the able guidance and motivation of our honorable principal, Mr. V. Messey, the house drought many laurels in various field.

  • It all started with the investiture ceremony when our principal handed over the responsibility to the new college caption Tarun Pratap Singh (North House). It was proud moment for us.

  • The North House excelled in the extra-curricular activities specially in sports. Students displayed their skills at the Annual Sports. The junior as well as senior boys secured 2nd and 3rd place respectively in Cricket. Senior boys won the Football Tournament boys and girls managed to win the 3rd and place in Badminton too. In carom, boys and girls together won 1st place and were content with 4th place in Chess.

  • Students showed enthusiasm in the swimming competition as well. Abhishek Singh and Tuba Aftab achieved 1st and 2nd position in the 25m back stoke respectively. Kuldeep Singh Patel did us proud among the senior boys, at the XVth AS\SC State Athletic Meet 2011-2012 by winning a Bronze medal in Javelin Throw. At the annual sports meet, one could feel the air resounding with shout of acclamation as name of the winners rent the air when results were being declared. Abhay Singh Baghel and Rishi Yadav, among the juniors, to name only a few were the winners for the 100m and 800m race. Among the seniors, Rajnish Ranjan secured the 1st place in Javelin Throw. Towards the end of this report I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated and committed principal Mr. V. Messey and House Mistress Mrs. Prtima Chaturvedi, without whose encouragement and guidance, we would have been unable to achieve this honor and success.

“Set your standards high you deserve the best,
Try for what you want even if you settle for a little less”

Mr. Ankit Nagar
(House Master)
Ms. Shimmy Shadab
(House Mistress)